Waffle Bar


For an elegant brunch, why not set up a waffle bar? Even the most festive waffle bar can be set up in two easy steps.

Step 1.

First, decide on the waffle flavors you will use; vanilla or maple waffles, chocolate-covered waffles or gourmet waffles with butter or maple sugar.

Step 2.

Prepare your fillings. Use bowls with spoons or use something more festive such as mason jars or fluted ramekins.

Possible toppings:

• Blueberries or raspberries

• Frozen strawberries thawed with juice

• Chocolate sauce

• Chopped pecans

• Jam, warmed so that it is liquid

• Whipped cream

• Mini chocolate chips

• Yogurt

• Dried cranberries

• Granulated sugar

• Apple butter

• Maple syrup

• Softened butter

• Sliced ​​bananas

The waffle bar can be served as is or as a central element of a more elaborate brunch, complemented by croissants, mini quiches, a variety of festive juices and beverages and more.

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