40 waffles delivered at your door
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Mission :

Our mission is to offer our customers an authentic, tasty and artisan-quality waffle. By the same token, we want to offer the best waffles in the world!

Vision :

We seek to preserve the authenticity of all the waffles we sell.
That’s why we invest significantly in researching production techniques that preserve the artisanal characteristics of our products. In fact, we recently traveled across Europe to test several ovens for our dough.


Our corporate values ​​boil down to team cohesion and employee well-being. We want our employees to have fun while working and to feel valued in their jobs.


Our biggest challenge is to move from artisanal to industrial mode while keeping our winning recipe.

History, a family passion

Bel Gaufre has been a family business since 1978. At the time, it was the first company to manufacture and sell Belgian waffles in Canada. Now, the business is run by a passionate couple.

Residents of Quebec City remember Bel Gaufre for its restaurants back in the 1980s, which counted 21 branches.
In 2012, the company was selling its waffles in a couple Costco warehouses and at Loblaws.
Today, Bel Gaufre products are available in more than 600 points of sale in Quebec, including Metro and IGA. We are also distributed in the Costco warehouses of the province. In addition, we have outlets in Ontario and the United States, and are distributed by food dispensers for catering.

We are proud of our growth and of our products!

Social implications

In order to avoid food waste as much as possible, we give our substandard waffles to non-profit organizations such as Moisson Québec, the Salvation Army and Lauberivière. In addition, each year we contribute to Operation Red Nose by feeding volunteers; we also provide waffles to the Children Now organization for its Christmas and Easter activities.

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